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Event Support Services

We Are Your Helping Hands To Entertain Your Guests

Day-of-Event Coordinators exist to give you the peace of mind that your celebration is running smoothly. We handle the details of your function so you can spend time with your guests. We are an asset in party planning, preparation, coordination, and support.

How Does This Work?

Describe Your Task to Us

Tell us what you need done and when.

Get An Estimate

We give an estimate so you know what to expect.

Assign a Personal Assistant

Our Personal Assistants are chosen based on relevant skills and experience. And they will contact you to confirm the details.

Get the Task Done

Your Personal Assistant will arrive to get the tasks done for you. Pay securely and leave us review to let us know how we've done.

What We Offer

Event Preparation and Support

Time Saver Advantage can be your helping hands for entertaining events.  We’ve conducted thousands of live presentations and events which involved planning, purchasing, and preparation of numerous tasks, including presentations in front of a live audience.  Our team will be an asset in party planning, preparation, coordination, and support. We can:

Day-of-Event Coordinator

The work of a day-of-event coordinator starts long before the day of the event. We consult with you in order to be fully prepared for the event by understanding your vision of how you want the details executed. We will help you systematically think through the details of the event as well as arrive early to set up and stay to clean up.

Have A Question?

No one can be two places at once. Unfortunately, most venues do not allow you to set up the night before your function, so coordinating the set up at the venue while getting ready can be a tricky maneuver.

Time Saver Advantage relieves that stress by doing the behind-the-scenes work while you are at the service and while you are enjoying the celebration party.  We allow you to enjoy your celebration rather than be distracted with the many details that most hosts must deal with. 

​When you know that your function is in capable hands, you are free to create memories with your family and friends that will last.  But don’t take our word for it!  Check out some testimonials to hear how others have felt about utilizing a Time Saver Advantage day-of event coordinator.

Party support is different than having a day-of coordinator in terms of the amount of assistance that you receive prior to your celebration.  When you hire party support, you receive help with the last minute set up of your event, have someone working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly (refilling food, emptying trash, etc.), and gain an extra set of hands for clean up afterward.  Day-of event coordinators, on the other hand, begin working with you well before your function takes place and will run errands for you that you may not have time to do yourself.  The scope of their assistance goes well beyond the actual party.  Both party support and day-of coordinators provide useful services that will minimize your stress and allow you to look forward to your special event.

Ready to hire your personal assistant? We are here to help when you need a hand.