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Our Story

Our History

Beverly Johnston started Time Saver Advantage in 2007 because she recognized that busy professionals had a need for a personal assistant.

Helping Busy People Get Back Their Time

Beverly recognized that many professionals had big demands on their time. She understood that many were struggling to balance time spent on their career and their family and the mundane, miscellaneous chores of life. The smart choice for them was to outsource these tasks to a personal assistant so they could focus their time and energy on revenue-producing activities or on activities with family or pursuing personal enrichment.

How could she help?  She found a way to help them balance their time. She could provide an affordable personal assistant to help them with the busy-work like errands, shopping, decluttering and party support.

And that is how Time Saver Advantage began.



Terri Schad, Current Owner

“I prepared my whole life to operate a company like Time Saver Advantage”

In January of 2022, Terri Schad took ownership of Time Saver Advantage.

Terri Has A Heart For Serving People By Helping Them Accomplish Their Goals

Terri met Beverly while caring for Miss Pearl. At just over 100 years old, Pearl (and Pearl’s daughter) needed someone around all the time. They blended their schedules to care for Pearl and gave Pearl’s daughter the peace of mind she needed when she couldn’t be home.  As Terri learned more about Beverly’s business she started thinking this was exactly what she wanted to do. Over the next few years Beverly’s business grew and she brought Terri onboard. After working alongside Beverly for 5 years, Terri was offered the opportunity to run the company when Beverly decided to retire.


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