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TSA Team

Meet the Owner


"You could say I prepared my whole life to operate a company like Time Saver Advantage."

Terri Schad, Owner

"I love what I do. Let me do it for you."

I enlisted for 4 years in the Army out of high school. Then came marriage and a baby and keeping a home running smoothly and meeting the needs of my small family. Single parenting followed and, while working as an administrative assistant and office manager in several different companies, I became that “stretched busy professional”. Another wedding and the blessing of staying at home with more babies. As the babies grew to school age I took on part time jobs here and there, adjusting to the ever-changing schedule of my family’s needs. I’ve worked in retail – folding clothes and taking inventory, making food and cleaning industrial kitchens, as well as companion-care for the aging parents of my close friends. This path led me to connect with Time Saver Advantage and I realized this was my dream job.

I love the variety that includes helping you organize your home or assisting you in putting on a party in your home, your wedding reception or your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Let me be in the background and on the sidelines helping you look good.

Meet TSA's Personal Assistants

Elaine Masker_1777405

Elaine Masker

Team Leader

Hi, my name is Elaine Masker, and I’ve lived in both Montgomery and Howard County for the last 25 years.  My husband and I have raised and supported three beautiful, smart, and athletic daughters here in Howard County for the last 15 years.  As a partner to a husband who has always traveled for business purposes and as a stay at home mom for the last 15 years, I have not only efficiently run my own household, but I have continuously volunteered for multiple organizations within our community sharing my enthusiasm for working together.

I have enjoyed helping to organize dozens of school sponsored events; being a Girl Scout Cookie Mom, Troop Leader, CPR/First Aid lead or camping trip organizer; volunteering at the Howard County Food Bank; driving Howard County seniors around for the non-profit Neighborhood Ride; and planning many, many neighborhood gatherings.

I am confident that I can efficiently and effectively help with your organizing and streamlining needs.

Julie Schelline Photo

Julie Schellin

Team Leader

I am Julie Schellin. I am a wife, mom of seven, and grandmom of one. I graduated many years ago with a degree in Business Administration. Not too long after that, I started the administration of the business of an active household. While raising and homeschooling all of my children, I learned organizational skills through years of trial and error, relying heavily on to-do lists and an attention to details. I found that I enjoyed the many facets of successful family events, including birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and graduations.

Now that my children are mostly grown up, with some in college, I am happy to use my skills to earn extra income. It is my pleasure to serve whenever possible, especially in the support of families and their special events. Time Saver Advantage has been a great fit.